Maintenance is key to prolong the life of your arena and consistency of your surface is vital. Your horse should be riding on top of the surface rather than it. Poorly maintained surfaces can cause injury.

All surfaces supplied are accurately weighed and blended to provide optimum performance.

We supply a range of surfaces to suit all budgets and requirements. From economy/entry level to high-end, premier surfaces.

  • Equisand
  • Mixed fibre
  • Material fibre
  • Wax fibre / Hot stabilising dressing

A wax stabilising coating system is also available for new and existing arenas for a rejuvenated & long lasting riding experience.

We offer top-ups from 10 tonnes.

Surface Maintenance Tips

  • Remove horse droppings on a daily basis to prevent damage to your surface. If left, horse faeces will dry out the wax, impede drainage and discolour the surface material.
  • Wax and water will help to maintain compaction to prolong surface quality.
  • Prevent mud or other contaminated materials from entering onto the surface.
  • Regularly check the surface depth to ensure that the arena is even throughout.
  • We recommend a Miller Equestrian Arena Grader for daily maintenance. Tractor mounted and towable graders available, with adjustable tines.